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 Overview copia

Overview copia

CTF funding for French-language productions outside Quebec (FLPOQ) is administered by Telefilm Canada.

The Canadian Television Fund (ìCTFî or ìthe Fundî) supports a high volume of distinctively and identifiably Canadian broadcast programming, reflecting Canadian culture, stories and themes.These productions are in
English, French and Aboriginal languages and include documentary, childrenís and youth, variety and
performing arts, and prime-time dramatic programming. The Special Initiative for French-language productions outside Quebec was a new CTF initiative for 2004- 2005 that was administered by Telefilm Canada.The

Initiative is designed to encourage official minoritylanguage production in Canada by companies located outside the province of Quebec who produce primarily in French.The spirit and intent of this Initiative is to ensure that stories from French-language communitiesoutside of Quebec are told on Canadian television.

For that reason, the Initiative is only available to applicants and productions which, at the CTFís sole discretion, are clearly products of those French communities. Applicants wishing to apply to this Initiative must also meet all other CTF terms, conditions and regulations as outlined
in the Main Document of the CTF Guidelines. Please refer to the Main Document for 2005-2006.