B – Essential Requirements

Essential Requirements

Essential Requirements

All French-language productions from outside Quebec applying for CTF participation must meet the Fundís Essential Requirements, presented in Section 1.3 of the Main Document of the 2005-2006 CTF Guidelines.The
essential requirements are as follows:

1. The project speaks to Canadians about, and reflects, Canadian themes and subject matter.

2. The project will be certified by the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (ìCAVCOî) and has achieved 10/10 points (or the maximum
number of points appropriate to the project), as determined by the CTF using the CAVCO scale.

3. Underlying rights are owned, and significantly and meaningfully developed, by Canadians.

4. The project is shot and set primarily in Canada.

Further detail on these Essential Requirements and exceptions is provided in separate modules of these Guidelines for drama, documentary, childrenís and youth programming, and variety and performing arts
programming.These modules include additional important information, including full definitions of the genres.

Please refer to the Main Document, Section 1.3.1, for details respecting the application of the Essential Requirements to official treaty co-productions.