C – Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants

To be deemed eligible, an Applicant who wishes to obtain funding under the FLPOQ Special Initiative: ï Must operate and have its head office outside Quebec for at least three years (unless the company is an emerging one) and with its major shareholder residing outside Quebec for at least three years;

ï Must use French as the original language of production for the majority of its production slate; ï Must have produced, solely or in co-production
with other eligible Applicants, three programs originally in the French language.These programs must have been broadcast on Canadian television within the last four years.The CTF may use its discretion and allow for a smaller number of programs to have been produced, if there is ample evidence that the production company is an emerging one.The CTF may look at the production companyís owners and/or producerís track record to see if their experience has largely been in producing in the French language;

ï Must demonstrate with its business plan as well as with its development and production slate that the Applicant is in the business of producing projects mainly using French as the original language of production;

ï Cannot be a broadcaster-affiliated company (as defined in the Main Document);

ï Must meet the eligible Applicant requirements in Section 6 of the Main Document;

ï Must have initiated and meaningfully participated in the projectís development. Furthermore, the Applicant must exercise full control of the creative, artistic, technical and financial aspects of the project and hold all copyrights to the project; and ï Must hold all copyrights to the production on a permanent basis and also retain an ongoing financial interest in the project.