Vector of Business Teamwork

Vector of Business Teamwork

All documentary projects applying for CTF participation must meet the Fund’s Essential Requirements, presented in Section 1 of the Main Document of the 2003-2004 CTF Guidelines. In order of importance, the essential requirements and exceptions are as follows:

1. The project speaks to Canadians about, and reflects, Canadian themes, subject matter or point of view.

• Documentaries whose eligibility relies on Canadian themes or subject matter, regardless of content and are Factual documentaries (e.g. science,
architecture, arts, history, social issues, medicine, etc.) must feature and focus on themes, subjects and/or events which are relevant to Canadians and must acknowledge and make prominent the use of
Canadian experts, knowledge, talent, opinions or concepts.

• Documentaries applying to either the EIP or the LFP and whose eligibility relies on point of view (as defined above), regardless of content, must provide perspective, context and interpretation of relevant
international events, themes or subjects, as seen through the eyes of a Canadian independent auteur filmmaker or creative team whose project
provides, in the way the story is told on screen, a clear Canadian view of such events, themes or stories.

2. The project has 10/10 points (or the maximum number of points appropriate to the project), as determined by the CTF using the CAVCO scale.

3. Underlying rights are owned, and significantly and meaningfully developed, by Canadians.

4. The project is shot and set primarily in Canada. The project may be shot and set in a non-Canadian location provided that it is integral to the story being told.

Please refer to the Main Document, Section 1.3.1 for details respecting the application of the Essential Requirements to international treaty co-productions.