G – Licence Terms and Conditions

Licence Terms and Conditions

Licence Terms and Conditions

Licence agreements must meet the CTFís Licence Fee Requirements and Conditions, presented in Section 7.5 of the Main Document of the 2005-2006 CTF Guidelines. Only the portion of the licences within the
Term will be used for the purposes of triggering CTF funding and for calculating evaluation grid points. Licences that commence within the Term but extend beyond it are pro-rated to match the maximum Term
set for each genre.

H – Combining CTF Envelope Resources with the FLPOQ Special Initiative

Broadcasters may also twin their performance envelopes with their Special Initiative funding. In this case, for purposes of calculating the CTFís licence fee threshold and licence fee top-up contribution to the
broadcaster performance envelopes, the CTF will pro rate the production budget according to the amount of financing the production will receive from the broadcaster performance envelopes relative to the total
CTF production financing (combined FLPOQ initiative and the broadcaster performance envelopes). For example: if the participation from a broadcasterís performance envelope represents 60% of the CTFís overall contribution, the production budget will be pro rated at 60% of the performance envelope and 40% of the Special Initiative.

Thus, calculations relative to the CTFís licence fee threshold and the licence fee top-up portion will be based on the applicable requirements for the performance envelopes for the relevant portion of the budget and the other portion of the budget will follow the requirements relative to the FLPOQ Special


Calculations relative to the Evaluation Grid (see Section K of this document) will be based on the overall production budget.