I – Nature of Funding Contribution

Nature of Funding Contribution

Nature of Funding Contribution

CTF contributions to French-language productions outside Quebec, including big-budget one-hour dramatic series (defined as budgets of $800,000 per hour or more), are made as licence fee top-ups and
equity investments.

The first contribution of the CTF will be in the form of a licence fee top-up.This contribution may reach up to a maximum of 35% of the production budget.The balance of the CTFís contribution will be in the form of an equity investment.

Maximum equity participation may not exceed 49% of an eligible productionís overall production costs.

J – Level of CTF Participation The CTFís contribution to French-language productions outside Quebec will be subject to the following project caps:
Genre FLPOQ Envelope Contribution Cap Drama $1,200,000
Childrenís & Youth $550,000 Documentary:

Series/Limited series $150,000 $400,000 Variety/Performing Arts $400,000
The envelope contribution may be lower or higher than the indicated threshold, depending on whether funding requests per program genre exceed or fall short of available resources for each genre.
The CTF has the flexibility to adjust the level of its dollar contribution from the FLPOQ envelope, depending on the quality of the projects and the
number of requests received

K – Project Assessment

French-language productions outside Quebec compete for funding according to a selective process. To make its funding decisions,Telefilm Canada uses an Evaluation Grid (see below) ñ a tool which allows for
evaluations to be conducted on a basis of transparency. Applicants should use the grid as a guide so that they may properly prepare their application packages. Bydoing so, they will improve their chances of success in a
competitive environment.

Telefilm Canada will not accept a revision to the evaluated elements of a project that would detrimentally
affect its final weighting.