Equity Investment Program

Equity Investment Program

Equity Investment Program

Each of the criteria in the following EIP Evaluation Grid, as well as how the Grid is used by the EIP in the evaluation of projects, is described in Section 7.2 of the Main Document.

Tie-breaker Screens
Should two or more productions have the same ranking score and be competing for the last remaining funds in an envelope, the LFP will use the following screens to objectively select from among them:
1. Priority will be given to the production with the highest
broadcaster priority rating;

2. If there is still a tie, priority will be given to series
renewals; and finally,

3. Should a tie still remain, the LFP will distribute the available money on a pro-rata basis among the tied projects and offer producers the option of taking a lesser amount than requested.

1. In the Broadcaster Interest section of the EIP Evaluation Grid, the EIP pro-rates the points awarded
by the LFP for licence fees above the minimum threshold.
For all applicants across Canada, the EIP utilizes the same base for calculating these points as outlined above for Toronto and Montreal productions.
Alternatively, the EIP allocates funds towards regional targets of expenditure and provides a regional bonus within the evaluation grid.

2. Broadcaster-affiliated productions will be capped at the licence fee ranking point level obtained by twothirds of the independent productions for the purpose of this ranking criterion.


Licence agreements for documentary programming must meet the CTF’s Licence Fee Requirements and Conditions, presented in Section 4.3 of the Main Document of the 2003-2004 CTF Guidelines. New for the 2003-2004 Guidelines, the CTF is standardizing its approach regarding the maximum time period of all broadcast windows (the Term) for the purposes of calculating ranking and evaluation grid points. (see Section 4.3.3 in
the Main Document). The Term commences upon delivery of the production to the first broadcaster. Only those licences within the following term and language requirements will be attributed points within the LFP’s ranking grid and the EIP’s evaluation grid.Term* 6 years Language Version* Both English and French-language D. L

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